The Standardization Committee

Our Standardization Committee feeds the inhouse requirement for assesment, advisory, policy formation, monitoring, execution and review of the whole infrastructure and service rendering affiars.
The five members' team submit biannual audit reports to the governing body of the trust besides quarterly review reports.
provided that the following advisory is approved by the governing body, the committee supervises it's strict implementation in the first quarter till the first review report is generated, and the same is followed for the second and third quarter.

Assesment of Infrastructure & Resource

It includes physical infrastructure within the periphery of the campus along with available human resource as per varied requirements. This domain includes internal & external communication systems, safety and security systems also.

Advisory on ::

Strategic planning
Performance objectives
Performance measurements
Raising a protocol to ensure a fair contractual relationships between the residents and home.
Robustness of infra and manpower to ensure adequate facilities and amenities.
Training of HR throughout the hierarchy.
Formation of policies, systems and operating manuals for smooth functioning of administration and accounting.
Segregration of healthcare support system and detailing about everything like record keeping, providing health care, assisted care and dependent care etc.

Assesment of Supply Chain Management

This segment includes assesment of all external resource and services like raw materials for food &/or ready consumable foods, FMCG for daily consumption, supply of power and water, basic medical aids and medicines, instruments and aparatus for daily maintenance of the infrastructure, live-stock consumables, raw materials and shaplings for greenery and beautification etc.

Monitoring, supervision and guided surveilance of the operations and portocol management.

Self audit

Collection of satisfaction report on the summary of works of standardization committee itself and laying down protocols for selection of committee members.

Audit & Review
Bi-annual review and audit of the total community infrastructure and operations at the level of all aspects of service and resident satisfaction.
Audit of response capabilities in emergency and disaster management.
Audit of happyness index between residents and community dewellers like staffs and managers.
Audit of physical health between the dewellers.
Audit of sustainability of the total system in terms of prevailing socio economic systems.
Audit of financial operations and stability of the system.

Policy implementation

On approval of managing committee the selected advisories are taken up for implementation under the supervision of the standardizatin committee.