Rupganj,Durgapur, 713212

  Office Address: C-113,Ullaskar Dutta Sarani,

Bidhan Nagar, Sector 2A,Durgapur-713212.

Mobile No:- 9333709950 / 0343-2531161

Rules & Regulation



A. Lonely senior citizen / married couple those who are unable to run their life due to old age and  has        no one to take care or neglected by their kith and kin are eligible for admission in our home. They          should also be free from family liabilities, irrespective of religion ,caste, creed and  color, subject to      general  fitness, for which the applicant will be required to submit test reports for the advised  by            S.K.S. After a medical check up admission will be confirmed only on the doctor’s approval.

B. Senior citizens of unsound mental health or suffering from any sort of  venereal  or contagious               diseases will not get approval for admission  and at the same time a person who has been convicted       by any court of law or arrested or imprisoned for any fraud offenses  or other charges or against             whom any pending complaint(s) are lying  with any police station or against whom any trial before         civil or criminal court or any other authority is pending anywhere either within or outside India or           persons addicted to alcohol or drugs are not eligible for admission to S.K.S.

C. Persons those who are willing to join the S.K.S. should apply on the prescribed form along with a              declaration and an affidavit on stamp paper agreeing to abide by the regulations of the Trust. They          must submit  their medical reports covering pathological and bio chemical tests, E.C.G. and blood          pressure reports from a reputed medical practitioner. Security deposit  (80% refundable at the time          of leaving of  S.K.S.), admission / registration fee and  an advance maintenance charges etc. as                advised by the Trust must be deposited at the time of admission.

D. Senior citizens seeking admission in S.K.S. shall  be accompanied by near relatives  like children, brother(s),sister(s) at the time of interview. If they fail to accompany,  then consent letter /credentials from the  near relatives  will also do. Such letters shall bear signature, full address and contact  number of the  near relative.                                                                                                                                                        

E. After  the interview  the Trust’s  decision will be final decision. No inmates will be re- admitted  once he / she has been dismissed or sent away by the S.K.S.


A.  S.K.S. will  provide balanced diet during break fast ,lunch, evening snacks and dinner  daily.    

B. Well designed and fully furnished  room  consisting of attached bath, small modular  Kitchen, balcony, Puja Space, Geyser, Divan bed, Sofa, Dining Table, Writing Desk and Chair, Tea Table, Dressing Table, LED. Tv, Net  Connection, Air Conditioner, Room heater, wardrobe, Microwave, Induction, Kitchen utensils, Locker, Wall Clock small refrigerator, Linen, Curtain etc.             

C. The  room will have Carpet, marble flooring, walls with plaster of Paris  and painted with Asian Paints  with false ceiling etc                                                                                                                        

D. Except husband and wife separate arrangement for accommodation will be made for male and female boarders .                                                                                                                                           

E  A specific  laundry man or washer man will be arranged by the S.K.S.  for washing and ironing personal clothes of the boarders. Those who are sick has to pay extra charges for cleaning their clothes  but the arrangement will be made by S.K.S.                                                                                   

F. S.K.S. premises will be under C.C.T.V. surveillance along with 24 hours security                                     guards.                                          

G. S.K.S. will also provide periodical  amusement  trips  to the border.

H.  S.K.S. will provide you home comfort .The inmates has the right to choose  a single .double occupancy  room but approval of the trust  is also necessary.


A.  All the foods and diet of sick and ailing residents will be provided in consultation with the attending Physician or dietician.

B.    A qualified medical practitioner will be made available at the SKS but if situation arises  the boarder will be taken to the hospital for treatment and if necessary, be treated as an in patient.

C.   Cost of medicines of  disease(s) such as Asthma, blood pressure, sugar, heart problem, migraine, etc. shall be arranged by the boarder at his / her own expenses.

D.    All boarders will be subject to routine blood and pathological tests once  every three months on a paid basis at concession rates. For treatment of serious illness or accident the boarder will be hospitalized in a Government hospital. His close relatives will be informed as soon as possible. If the relative want to shift him / her to a private hospital they may do it on their own risk and expense.                                                                                                                                  

E.   Disabled residents who opt. a single nurse will be required to pay the extra charges of the nurse through SKS. management. However SKS.  will provide one nurse to attend all the residents during day time.             

 F.    In case of any resident will seriously ill which require immediate emergency treatment  the SKS. holds  the right of temporary of shifting such residents to any reputed hospital / nursing home at Durgapur, the resident would be regularly taken care by the board the matter will be intimated to his/ her nearest  relative/ guarantor  and this medical expenses  will be borne  by the  resident. After he recovers , he will be brought back to the home.


i).   Visitors will be allowed to meet the residents on all days between 9 a.m.  to 6 p.m. in Summer and 10 a.m.  to 5 p.m. in Winter at a specified place in S.K.S. to maintain  continuous contact with his / her family or others.

ii).   Normally food and shelter will not be provided by the SKS. to the visitors. If any unavoidable circumstances  arises decision will be taken by the SKS management. They may be temporary accommodated  in the Guest/ Visitor room on the first come first basis.

iii).   No boarder will be allowed to go out of the home  alone in any situation.

iv).   A  boarder wishing to stay out of the home campus for short duration has to fill up the prescribed leave application form.

v).   If a boarder desires to go for holiday or a vacation for a period not exceeding 30 days ( at a time) he / she has to secure written permission  from the management. But he / she can spend overnight  with a friend or relative by giving prior intimation to the manager.

5.      MODE OF LIFE:

i)      The boarders will live  a disciplined life  in SKS. It will be the duty of boarders to maintain silence between  9  pm. to 6 am. during sleep.

ii)     A good family atmosphere will exist among the boarders through friendship, mutual understanding, voluntary efforts, cooperation etc.

iii)    Any sort of addiction(drinking alcohol, gambling) will be strictly prohibited in S.K.S.

iv)    The Management will take care of the maintenance and cleanliness of the home. But the boarders are also responsible enough to look after the maintenance and overall cleanliness for a healthy environment.

v)      No boarder shall be allowed to keep any illegal items, firearm or weapons with his / her .

vi)    Any breakage, damage or loss occurred by the boarder or his/ her visitor, the cost of repair or          replacement as determined by the management will be recovered from the resident concerned.

vii)  The inmates  should be punctual in their routine activities.

viii) A  key of the room allotted to any boarder will be with the management. If the situation warrants the management has total right to forcibly enter the locked room.

ix)    Each resident must take care on conservation of electricity  and water. Except under garment  Inmates are advised  not to wash their personal  clothes  in their rooms. Ironing of clothes are strictly prohibited in the room.

x)      Intercom facility will be available in each room.

xi)    The resident have to arrange articles of their personal use such as clothes ,shoes, toiletries etc.

xii)  Residents are not allowed to run a personal business from SKS.

xiii) When the inmates leaves the room ,inmates must conserve the electricity by putting off all lights, fans, TV, AC. Etc.

xiv) Individual  Air Conditioner meter box has been  fitted for all the AC rooms to show the actual consumption of electricity .This has to be paid by the inmates.

xv)   There will be no addition of alteration inside the room furniture, electrical and toilet fittings also not allowed to  change  or implement any item  of SKS. property. Implementing  of changes  may be done with the permission of management and with his / her  own cost.

xvi) Application forms are required to be filled up in the prescribed form which can be obtained             from "Shree Krishna Trust” office address  mentioned below:                                                                            

     C-113,Ullaskar Dutta Sarani, Sector- 2A,Bidhannagar, Durgapur-713212, W.B., India                     

      Here to join us : Senior Citizens of age  55 years and above for Women and 60 years and above for Men.

xvii) All payment need to be made in 'Bandhan Bank',Sec.-2A, Bidhannagar, Durgapur-12,          (A/C No: 50160004099046), IFS CODE BDBL 0001320  OR  by drawing  Draft in favour of "Shree Krishna Trust” payable at Durgapur.                                


i) In case any  inmates  passes away in the home itself, then  his/ her  son/ daughter/ relatives/guarantor  will be informed immediately by the  Trust of the home. If  any reason  they  unable or fail to contact us  to take possession of the body within  8 hours of the demise, the body will be cremated by the Trust as per the religious norms only after informing  local police station. In this regard no action or grievances  will be entertained. Only if  resident’s  relative is staying in abroad then Trust may consider to preserve the body for 24 hours. 

ii) While taking admission in home applicant should provide his/ her  son/ daughter/ nearest relatives/guarantor  name, address, telephone / contact number(s) to the  Trust so that in the event of any serious illness  or death of the inmates Trust may contact. Nearest  relative’s  responsibility  is to update  their latest  and current details  with SKS.


The rules and regulations may be changed by the Trust from time to time due to unavoidable circumstances.