Planned medical suspport
Assesment and planning

Geriatric helthcare needs a continued planning for medicine and other associated support. Most of the seekers come with a prolonged medical support history. So, past medical history is studied in details, especially any chronic ailment or deficiency condition.
The vital points on which we ponder over for assesment before planning are :
1. Past Social/family relations/activity,
2. Scope of improvement in Functioning and independence,
3. Need of Supervision,
4. Status-quo on General health and well-being,
5. Current Medication issues,
6. Current Medical issues,
7. Cognitive issues,
8. Emotional issues,
9. Need of controling Health behaviors (like diet, excercise, addiction),
10. Behavioral issues,
11. Need of Environmental modifications (ergonomic patterns are considered also),
12. Status of economic stability.
Based on the assesment, the intervention list and suggestive protocols are designed, keeping minimum a one year's term in mind.