Medical unit

Medical care procedure

● Shree Krishna Sevashram conducts free weekly health check-up of the boarders. Once a week a well qualified doctor visits the Sevashram in the scheduled time to conduct a routine check-up of the inmates.
● It is tied up with well known Hospitals and nursing homes where the treatment of the boarders may be done. In case of any Emergency / serious illness or accident the Boarder will be hospitalized in the tied up nursing home.Though the arrangements will be made by the Sevashram but the expenses are to be borne by the boarder.
● Cost of any medical test during his / her treatment to be borne by the boarders.
● Cost of personal medicines should be arranged by the boarders or responsible party.
● If the boarder needs to be hospitalized, then the responsible person of boarders will be intimated at the earliest. The responsible person of the boarder should take all the responsibilities including the treatment and payment of all the medical expenses.

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