Creativity booster
Bringing life out of the inertia

In our country, old age home is so associated with some negaitve social traits that inmates of any old age home never feel for a pragmatic view towards life.
It is a matter of necessary responsibility for the management to arrange for an ambience of creative thinking and work to engage the community in certain activity of the same.
Besides our library and sprawling garden for cultivation, we regulary arrange for workshops based on subjects of varied interest in keeping with the choices of our inmates.
It may be a social campaign like sanity, education, neutrition, security for women and children etc.
Besides those, every year Shree Krishna Sevashram organizes Bhandara i.e. joints to serve free food to the visitor’s at Jaydev Kenduli Mela: organized on the banks of the Ajay river in Birbhum District, eminently known for the gathering of Bauls and folk music. The boarders tend to enjoy the fair and take part in the occasion.
Social & cultural activities – like boarder’s birthday, anniversary day etc. are also celebrated with great enthusiasm