Geriatric Care
Specialized Care & Treatment

Specialized geriatric care is needed to those who shows positive outcome on these core frailty indicators: weakness, fatigue, weight loss, low physical activity, poor balance, low gait speed, visual impairment and cognitive impairment.
Symptoms may be partial but detection is noted fast and arrangements are done as needed.

Normaly primary care only are arranged here as severe cases are not admitted and advised for specialized medical institutions. For Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary Care, seekers are referred to specialized institutions and doctors.

But mild effects of the 5Ms known as Geriatric Giants takes it's toll on elderly people very often and our caregivers are always aware of that.

A geriatric assessment is done for the candidates before admission which includes evaluation of the functional status, medical conditions (comorbidities), cognition, nutritional status, psychological state, and social support, as well as a review of the current medications (if any). It helps us to omit forthcoming complexities in handling emergency or chronic health problems of the inmates.