Rupganj,Durgapur, 713212

  Office Address: C-113,Ullaskar Dutta Sarani,

Bidhan Nagar, Sector 2A,Durgapur-713212.

Mobile No:- 9333709950 / 0343-2531161

Welcome to Facilities page

  •  Fully furnished 450 sq. ft. (approx), double  bedded apartments with attached bath, having hot and cold running water. Kitchen with utensils, refrigerator , furniture such as bed table, wardrobe, air conditioner with room heater,  marble flooring, and intelligently  painted walls L.E.D. T.V., Internet Connection.
  • To provide well balanced nutritious food and hygienic accommodation in  pollution FREE environment.
  • House keeping  activities like  linen changing, room, and bath room cleaning,   
  • public area cleaning, laundry services etc.
  • Intercom (E.P.B.A.X System ) for  all  the  rooms.
  • Well equipped modern kitchen.
  • Dining  Hall, Buffet Service  and  Room  Service.
  • Yoga, Meditation, Club House, Physiotherapy Clinic, weekly Eye care clinic.
  • Sat sang  / Spiritual  Activities.
  • Temple and  Prayer Space.
  • Scope  for  Gardening  and  Landscape Garden.
  • Social cultural activities : like  birth day, anniversary day,  any religious  festival, periodical  tour program, weekly shopping trip.
  • Club with Multi gym, Music and dance therapy, Sports and games court plus    Swimming Pool and Spa.  
  • Library, news paper and health related magazine.     
  • This home will provide community life style, "life with enjoyment'' and  dignity in a safe and secured place. 
  • General  Store.           
  • 24/7 Emergency  Medical   Care.
  • Ambulance and nursing care ROUND THE CLOCK.  
  • Well trained  and dedicated staff will help elderly people through high quality  elder care services.   
  • Fire Fighting.
  • Saloon facility.
  • 24 hours car on hire.
  • Security  and Electronic Surveillance - Close   Circuit Camera for  all  time.
  • Round  the Clock  Power  Back  Up and Automatic  Lift   Service(OTIS).
  • Guest room.    
  • Tie up with the well known hospitals. Special care will be taken those who are not physically fit, for the physically handicapped or for the bed ridden people.               
  • Well trained  and dedicated staff will help elderly people through high quality elder care services.


  • Physiotherapy: Rs. 300/- per Visit(1hr.) OR Rs.4500/-(for 25days)

  • Yoga :Rs. 150/- per day OR Rs. 3000/- per month package (25days)

  • Bed side Patient attendant: Day-Rs.500/- (12hrs.) & Night- Rs.600/- (12hrs.)

  • Freezer Box: As per actual hire charge.

  • Oxygen: Rs. 100/- per hr.

  • Water Bed / Alpha Bed:

  • Suction: Rs.75/- per use.

  • Nebulization: Rs.50/- per use.

  • Ayur Veda: as per Fees.

  • Homeopathy: : as per Fees.

  • Access to specialist Consultant:

  • Nature Care:

  • Ambulance: As per actual Cost.

  • Wound / Bedsore Dressing: Small Rs.50/- & Big Rs.100/- per day.

  • Guest Food & Accommodation: Rs.1000/- per day.

  • Nasogastric Feeding: Rs.100/- per day

  • Complete Body Massage: Rs.200/- per hr.

  • Partial Massage: Rs.100/- for 30min.

  • Car parking Rs.50/- per day. OR Rs. 1000/- per month.

  • Driver for 8 hrs: Rs.600/- for 12hrs. & Rs.800/- for 24hrs. + Food.

  • Food on Room service: Rs.1500/- per month(Foil packing)

  • Hair cutting: Rs. 35/-

  • Shaving: Rs. 25/-



  • Food served will be in accordance with each resident's health habit along with advice from qualified dietitian.

  • Efforts shall always be there to include choice of the residents in the menu.

  • Good quality of Vegetable, Meat, Fish, Spice, Oil will be used.

  • Cooking medium will be light vegetable oil suitable for Heart patients, Diabetic patients and all others.

  • Vegetable grown at Ashram Garden partly are cooked for the residents.


  • 6am. to 6.30am. : Bed Tea with 2pcs. Biscuits (salted or Sweets)

  • 8am. to 8.30am. - Break fast items are Following below:

  • Corn Flakes,Milk, Boiled Egg, Tea.
  • Paratha,Bhaji,Sago Pudding,Tea
  • Idli, Sambar, Omlette, Tea.
  • Puri,Bhaji,Semolina pudding,Tea.
  • Oats,Milk, Boiled egg,Tea.
  • Sliced Bread,Butter/ Jam,Rice Kheer, Tea.
  • Upma, Chick peas masala,Omlette, Tea.


10:30 am. :

  • Seasonal Fruits.

  • 12:30 to 1:00pm. -- LUNCH : 

  • Lunch items are Following below:
  • Appetisers/ Starters( Salad):Garden fresh green salad and various types of nutritious and healthy cereals Salad.

  • Main Course:Home made  Cottage Cheese/Paneer / Egg / Fish  / Chicken. 

  • Starch  :Plain Rice / Roti.
  • Vegetables: Boiled/ Curry/Bhaji.
  • Cereals:Various kind viz.Lentils, Peas and  different types of bean.
  •  Curd: Plain curd, Raita.
  • Pickles:
  •  .

  • 4:00 to 4:30pm. :

  • Tea / Coffee with 2pcs. Biscuits.

  • 6:00 to 6:30pm. :

  • Snacks -- Puffed Rice (Murmura) Snacks like Murmura with cucumber and chana, Jhaal Muri  etc.  OR

  •                     Flattened Rice ( Poha or Puwa) Snacks like Poha Pulao, Fried  Poha  with   nuts etc.

  • 8:00 - 8.30 pm. --DINNER :

  • Dinner items are Following below:
  • Appetisers/ Starters (Soup): Various kind of semi liquid or primarily liquid food, i.e, Soup will be served, which are very essential item for the elderly people' s health.                                                                                                                                              Main Course: Home made  Cottage Cheese/Paneer / Egg / Fish  / Chicken.

  • Starch  :Plain Rice / Roti.
  • Vegetables: Seasonal Boiled/ Curry/Bhaji.
  • Cereals:Various kind viz.Lentils, Peas and  different types of bean.
  •  Curd: Home made plain curd, Raita.
  • Pickles:Different kind of pickles.

9:30pm. to 10:00pm. :

  • Bed Time-- Milk .

  • Pay an amount as applicable below as Monthly Contribution on account of Food, Service, Amenities, Facilities, Repair & Maintenance and other Sundry expenses.
  • Electric Bill (for A.C, Geyser, Induction, & Microwave Oven) is to be paid for Individuals Meter Box (actual).
  • Amount has to be paid in advance on 10th of every month.