Emergency response

Units of Emergency response system

● Medical emergency : The first and foremost response system we manage is to respond in case of any medical emergency. We have trained healthworkers at the campus and medical practitioners are always at call to arrive in a few minutes at the campus. Except that, any patient can be carried by our own in-campus transport system to the nearby super-speciality hospital where treatment is immidiately started as per contract which is to be reimbursed later by the patients or their relatives.
● Electrical & Fire emergency : Our team is well equipped and trained to handle such emergencies with existing automated allert system. Government Fire department staffs are also available at call anytime.
● Response against misscreants : Our surveilance system is well equipped with updated gazets and all our security personnel are alive to 24 hours a day in two teams working in two shifts. Inmates are provided with intercom facility and emergency alert system to seek help at anytime.

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