Regular Counselling
Supportive Counselling Sessions

At the phase of primary assesment on admission, candidates are thoroughly examined and checked if there is any existing issue of Depression, Anxiety, Dementia and cognitive decline, Chronic Physical illness and related mental sadness.
If the status is found like that, a candidate is referred to a psychologist else the routine "Supportive Counselling" process is prescribed.
The need to rejuvenate the lives of older persons and make their life complete and enjoyable, we need to keep all possible withdrawals at bay. Besides counselling, regular gatherings, celebrating social occassions, outing to nearby areas, physical activities like yoga and sports all coincides to make the purpose successfull.
Whenever required, if suggested by an expert, inmates can be provided different therapies like Cognitive-behavioural and related therapies Reminiscence therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Validation therapy, Task-centred and goal-focused therapy, Gestalt therapy etc. with the help of an expert psychiatrist.
A guideline laid by the National Health Mission - India is followed as the certain framework for assesment and planning of care giving as well as regular supportive counselling.